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Estate Planning

A carefully structured estate plan will provide benefits now and in the future. In order to realize these benefits, it is critical to retain legal counsel who is able to devise and implement effective strategies. For years, Driggers, Schultz & Herbst has guided a diverse clientele through estate planning and related areas. Our attorneys design wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning instruments to preserve family assets and attain client objectives. Whether your needs are complex or straightforward, you can rely on our firm every step of the way.

Finding The Right Plan For You

For certain clients, avoiding or minimizing the impact of the estate tax, gift tax or other taxes is a key element of their estate plan. We take a comprehensive approach, working closely with you to understand your specific objectives. We then work diligently to help you achieve these goals.

Our firm’s estate planning and business practices cross paths in the area of business succession. Our lawyers create business succession plans for family-owned and closely held companies. Our goal is to create a plan that minimizes the impact of taxes and ensures that all family members’ needs are addressed.

Prepared To Assist In The Adminstration Of Your Estate

In addition to our comprehensive estate planning practice, we assist in the administration of estates and trusts addressing issues such as probate, tax planning and other matters to carry out the administration of an estate or trust.

In each of these matters, we recognize that above all, the details matter. A failure in drafting or creating a will, trust or other document can have profound consequences in the future. Whatever your exact needs entail, you can trust our attorneys to immerse themselves in the details and establish an estate plan that meets your immediate and long-term needs.

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