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Aviation Law

Aviation law is a technical area of law practice law which often runs parallel to other practice areas. A firm grasp of the facts, knowledge of the subject matter and experience is required, whether it is a wrongful death lawsuit arising out of an airplane or helicopter accident, a passenger cabin injury or death claim from an aircraft accident falling within the purview of an international treaty such as the Montreal Convention, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement or civil penalty action, the acquisition by purchase or lease agreement of an aircraft, or an aviation whistleblower case.

Standing alone, the aviation industry is comprehensively regulated by the federal government. Adding to the complexity is the inherent nature of aviation as a means of transportation, state-to-state or internationally. Recognizing that the best outcomes are sometimes not in your backyard, our aviation attorneys have successfully represented victims of negligent conduct and their family members in many forums outside of Michigan. We have one of only two out-state board-certified (by The Florida Bar) aviation attorneys in the country.

One of the keys to successful representation of our aviation clients is our familiarity and continual involvement in the fields of aviation law. Our aviation accident attorneys are available to assist you with a legal matter related to aviation. With an in-depth understanding of aviation law, our attorneys at Driggers, Schultz & Herbst of Troy, Michigan, can assist you in matters related to airline passenger injury and wrongful death matters, aircraft and airport operations, air traffic control negligence and a myriad of other areas that fall into the definition of aviation law.

Legal Matters Related To Aviation Law

Many legal issues arise related to aviation law. Our experienced team can guide you through your legal options when you have an issue that needs attention. They include:

  • Personal injury and wrongful death: From airplane and airline disasters, to airline passenger injuries, negligence of air traffic controllers or aircraft maintenance and design defects resulting in catastrophic events, our attorneys will review your matter and can assist in recovering for your and your loved ones’ losses and harms.
  • The Montreal Convention: Since 1929, when international air transportation was in its infancy and through today, suits and claims brought by passengers in international carriage against the airlines, and their agents and servants, have been preempted by international private law, adopted in United States through international treaties like the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions. Today the Montreal Convention has been adopted and entered into force by 136 countries. Our attorneys have extensive Montreal Convention litigation experience.
  • Aircraft sale, purchase or leasing: The acquisition or disposal of aircraft is a complex subset of aviation law, with its own rules, procedures and regulatory considerations. Our attorneys have experience not only in the representation of clients in such transactions, but also advising upon the regulatory effects of such sale in compliance with FAA regulations and guidance.
  • Client representation in FAA enforcement actions: We have extensive experience representing certificated persons and entities facing enforcement sanctions and civil penalties for regulatory issues.
  • Aviation whistleblower and wrongful discharge matters: Employees who report, or threaten to report, a violation of the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR’s) frequently are unlawfully terminated, demoted or otherwise punished by their employers because their activities. Many of these activities are protected under federal and state law. We can advise and assist you in reviewing your matter.

The aviation attorneys at Driggers, Schultz & Herbst are client-focused and will help steer your matter through the often intimidating and complex legal system.

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