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Standing Up For You In Aircraft Wrongful Death And Injury Cases

The Detroit area continues to be a busy aviation hub. While air travel is generally safe, accidents, crashes and tragedies do occur. Whether the aviation accident happened because of pilot error, poor maintenance, equipment malfunction, failure to properly load the aircraft or another cause, you deserve compensation.

Driggers, Schultz & Herbst of Troy, Michigan, is a group of experienced aviation attorneys that will fiercely represent you and your family members. We understand the nuances of aviation law, and our compassionate, exceptional legal team includes an FAA-certified commercial pilot and flight instructor.

Securing The Compensation You Deserve

Our seasoned team of lawyers will look through every detail of an airplane accident or helicopter accident to determine who was liable. We have represented clients in personal injury cases as well as wrongful death lawsuits involving commercial or privately owned and operated aircraft.

We will advocate for you when confronting insurance companies, aviation firms and aircraft manufacturers. If you have been seriously injured or have had a loved one die in an airplane or helicopter crash, we will do our best to secure the compensation you deserve. We are not afraid to go to trial.

A Dedicated, Dependable Law Firm

An aircraft crash can affect so many lives, from the people who sustained serious injuries to the families, friends and colleagues of passengers who died. Our team of dedicated and dependable lawyers will represent you. Driggers, Schultz & Herbst of Troy, Michigan, understands aviation law. Contact us for a consultation at 248-985-7505.