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Business Transactions

Every business transaction can potentially impact a company’s future in many ways. Retaining a lawyer in the initial stages of a transaction will provide meaningful benefits. By ensuring that any transaction meets all legal requirements, your business can avoid costly missteps. At Driggers, Schultz & Herbst, we provide a wealth of legal experience and industry-specific knowledge to businesses across Michigan. Our business transaction lawyers, based in Oakland County, help our clients lay a foundation for continued success. Our practice in this field includes the following areas:

  • Entity selection and formation
  • The purchase or sale of a company
  • Restructuring and financing
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • SBA lending
  • Real estate transactions

In each of these areas, our attorneys are committed to delivering exceptional results in a cost-effective manner. Our law firm represents businesses in many different capacities, from performing the role of in-house counsel to representing clients on a case-by-case basis. In either situation, we have been fortunate to develop strong relationships with a diverse array of companies.

Leveraging Litigation Experience In Our Transactional Practice

Our transactional and litigation practices complement each other. Because we regularly litigate disputes, our attorneys understand how to structure transactions in a way that clearly defines each party’s rights and obligations. This minimizes the risk of costly, protracted litigation in the future.

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