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Product liability: when a consumer good becomes dangerous

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | Personal Injury

It would be impossible to catalog the universe of goods that consumers in Michigan and spanning the country buy and use. The commercial product realm in the United States is a virtual smorgasbord of offerings. Everything from beauty aids, power tools and sporting goods to prescription drugs, auto parts and toys is amply sourced and readily available for purchase.

Luckily, most of those products come as advertised and work per stated instructions. That is, there are no rude surprises for consumers; they function as intended and are safe to use.

But … not always. Notwithstanding a broad array of federal and state laws governing product safety, there are always cracks in the protective armor meant to safeguard consumers.

Products become combustible in an instant. They explode. Their on/off switches malfunction. Users – often including children – use them to personal detriment in foreseeable ways that manufacturers failed to reasonably anticipate and warn against.

In short, the product liability realm is vast and varied. Dangerous commercial goods, prominently notes an in-depth online overview addressing defective products, “cause injury to countless numbers of consumers each year.”

When they do, injured parties are not powerless and left without recourse when they seek to respond. In fact, a victim’s timely consultation with a proven and aggressive personal injury legal team can often yield a strategy that secures a meaningful remedy marked by maximum compensation.

Accountability can be diffused and broad-based in a product liability matter, ranging from designers and manufacturers to retailers and even additional parties. And strict liability can attach in some instances, meaning that an injured plaintiff bears no duty to prove third-party negligence.

Consumers have strong rights in matters spotlighting dangerous goods. Attorneys from an established personal injury law firm can help them exercise those prerogatives.