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Seeking accountability, justice in the wake of a medical injury

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

“To err is human.”

We’ve all heard that adage, of course, and many of us have likely invoked it once or twice to rationalize our own failings.

And it certainly is true. Every person makes mistakes.

That hardly implies that all errors should be casually dismissed or forgiven, though. There is a huge difference between mistakes that are simply sloppily made and those that occur after reasonable and good-faith efforts to comply with an established standard of competence.

Take medical professionals in Michigan and nationally. No one reasonably expects them to be absolutely perfect in carrying out their professional duties.

What is reasonably expected, though, is that they act in the manner that is the expected norm among peer professionals in what is a singular and exacting realm. Doctors all undergo rigorous training. They are duly licensed to practice medicine only after an extreme vetting process.

And they are understandably held to a due standard of care in their rendered diagnoses and treatment protocols. Negligent doctors are not – and never should be – allowed immunity for acts of carelessness that harm patients. We duly note at the proven Troy personal injury law firm of Driggers, Schultz & Herbst that any individual needing health care assistance should “expect solid medical care when you need a procedure or consultation.”

That is the expressed ideal in the real world, but not a routinely realized outcome. Medical negligence is an industry nemesis that yields malpractice results in cases ranging broadly from surgical mistakes, medication errors and birth injuries to misdiagnosis, infections and other harm-inducing mistakes.

 Individuals and families across Michigan who suffer harm linked with medical error that flatly should never have occurred have strong legal rights in contesting such an outcome. A medical malpractice claim can yield a recovery that addresses both accountability and deterrence and can additionally secure maximum compensation applicable to key needs.

Such cases are time-sensitive and understandably complex. Questions or concerns regarding faulty medical care and resulting patient injury can be directed to a knowledgeable and empathetic personal injury legal team.