Mark Schwartz Speaks at 11th Annual McGill University/PEOPIL Conference on International Aviation Liability in Dublin, Ireland

Mark Schwartz was an invited speaker-panelist at the 11th Annual McGill University / PEOPIL Conference on International Aviation Liability, Insurance & Finance in Dublin, Ireland.

His panel, "Air Carrier Liability: What is an "Accident," and What Damages are Recoverable under the Warsaw / Montreal Conventions," reviewed recent court decisions interpreting the Montreal Convention and questions arising from passenger-on-passenger assaults, boarding and disembarking accidents and the airline industry's liability treatment for in-flight medical emergencies.

Chief among the cases discussed was Mark's favorable decision in Doe v. Etihad Airways, P.J.S.C., 870 F.3d 406, 426 (6th Cir. 2017), cert. den. 138 S. Ct. 1548 (2018), a precedental, comprehensive analysis of Article 17 of the Montreal Convention allowing recovery for airline passengers' mental and emotional distress damages in aviation accidents.