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We Hold Ourselves To A High Standard For You

At Driggers, Schultz & Herbst, we are devoted to delivering the highest levels of representation and service to our clients. With a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ legal and business needs, our lawyers are determined to develop solutions that achieve our clients’ goals now and in the future. Whether you seek our services for a personal injury, a business law concern or another matter, we will proactively identify issues that could impact your bottom line and well-being. Our skilled representation, tireless work ethic and a commitment to delivering high levels of client service have earned us the trust of countless clients. We look forward to discovering how we can help you, too.

Our Versatile Team Can Handle Complicated Cases

Our practice areas frequently intersect. For instance, a shareholder or partnership dispute will often involve employment issues. When a business owner of a closely held company wants to establish a business succession plan, finance, business, estate planning and tax issues will all come into play. Similarly, an aviation law issue can dovetail with a personal injury claim. Our adept and resourceful legal team can handle whatever combination of legal issues your case entails. We work as a team to address all potential related concerns.

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